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Flashing Check Engine Light

Posted by doctorjames on February 12, 2008

Weekly, or biweekly I am intending to send out an email on health and wellness…so here it goes! And, if you ever have any burning questions you would like discussed, I will be willing to make that my next topic! As always, if you do not want these emails sent to you, please just send me back a kind email that you are not interested.

I labeled this email the flashing check engine light to tell you a few stories and then relate it back to what I mean by this.

There is a story of a lady that brought her car into the auto mechanic just before closing on a Friday night. She was frantic and said that her check engine light was on. All of the mechanics knew this could be anything and it could take awhile to figure out. No one wanted to help her because they were about ready to close. A young mechanic stepped up to the plate and said he would help her. The young mechanic took her car back to the shop and had it done in no less than 10 minutes! He brought the car up to her and said…”Mam, your car is fixed, no more check engine light!” She thanked him, paid her bill, and went on her way. After she left, the other mechanics wanted to know his secret. How could he fix her car that fast? He said it was simple, I reached under the dash and pulled out the lightbulb to light the check engine light! There you go…no more light…no more problem!

But wait just a second, the guy did not do anything to help her car, he simply just masked the condition by pulling out the bulb that kept the check engine light on.

The reason this is my topic is because of the fact that too many of us all are led to believe masking a condition with this or that makes us healthier! Does taking a high blood pressure, cholesterol, or anti-depressant really make us healthier? Of course they change the symptoms, but do they make us healthier? If all we are focused on is changing a number or a quality, have we done anything to change the course of the problem? For example, if we take a patient off high blood pressure or cholesterol medicine, will their numbers spike back to what they were or higher? If they do spike back up, does that mean the problem is still underlying and we have done nothing to fix the problem…only just mask it by manipulating a number here or there?

My point is we need to get back to the root of the problem. I know it is hard, but medicine should be used to buy us time. If we are diagnosed with this or that, we probably need to adapt a lifestyle change. We need to start eating better and exercising…the two hardest things to do. We need to start taking control of our health and prevent these maladies from occurring.

I know what you are asking, what is a chiropractor doing talking about this! I write about this because too much of us today are walking around and excepting whatever is thrown at us without questioning the doctor why do I have this? It has been documented time and time again that just simply taking all sugars out of your diet that are not in the form of a fruit or vegetable will dramatically lower your cholesterol in one month! Why don’t we prescribe this to our sufferers of high cholesterol? It has also been shown to lower high blood pressure. It is getting back to the basics. As a chiropractor, we teach our patients how to obtain a healthy lifestyle, not simply remove a “light bulb to mask the problem!”

Time and time again I am able to help people with their digestive troubles, cholesterol and blood pressure issues. Chiropractic is not about pain, but it is about tone of the nervous system and lifestyle coaching.

Many of you know that I talk alot about how chiropractic and acupuncture can find things that are subclinical…things that cannot yet be picked up by imaging, blood tests, or other various tests because it is not to the point of disease yet. Only in end stage of a disease are we able to pick things up on a test. Each and everyday I help someone who is traveling down the road for heart problems, digestive troubles, lung issues, etc. I can’t tell you if that problem is going to start tomorow or 20 years from now, but I know it has started. Just to know that it is there and is beginning is worth its weight in gold! Through our chiropractic examination we are able to tell all sorts of things about the function of your organs. With each adjustment we prevent disease and save lives! We also fine tune nutrition for each and every patient with nutrition response testing allowing us to give that organ the correct nutritional support!

This is why we have a family wellness program. We have families coming in every week to get checked to make sure their body is functioning the best it can. Yes, they do pay a premium for this, but what is it worth to you to be able to live longer and be more mobile for your later years??? What is it worth to you to watch your children grow up and not be as sick as some of their peers. We save lives and promote health at our clinic. We do treat pain, but nine times out of ten there is a bigger problem…the pain is the just the check engine light! Why would we only relieve your pain and not take care of the major problem that is crying out for help? Your organs all….let me say this again…All of your organs reflex to your back when they are under stress or diseased…this is very important…these reflexes show up as tight back muscles! Many people think it is posture related, but trust me, most of it is organ related and is subclinical. We can help these organs from continuing down the line until they hit the disease state…where it will show up in a blood test or a picture of some sort. As a chiropractor we can work with you to prevent this!

This requires a new paradigm shift and is one that the patient needs to fully understand what health is and where it comes from. The shift would be one of prevention and of one that you come in for care even when you don’t hurt! What a concept! The best time to be adjusted is when you don’t have the check engine light on! Imagine what your life would be like with a once a week adjustment, and perfect nutrition. We have so many happy families and individuals because of this program. We would be happy to set something up for you and your family!

Please remember the check engine light story….the light is only the tip of the iceberg…we can see the top of the iceberg but we can’t see what lies underneath…and if you have ever seen a picture of an iceburg, the tip we see is nothing compared to what lies beneath. It is what lies beneath that I am after and here to help you with. Lets change in 2008 and make this the healthiest year ever!

Your health and wellness advocate,

Dr. James

P.S. If you know anyone else who would like to receive these weekly emails, please send me their email address and I would be glad to send it to them.


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