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Just Build a Fence

Posted by doctorjames on February 12, 2008

This week I am reminded of a book I read a few years ago called Reclaiming our Health by John Robbins…to paraphrase, it goes like this…

In the preface of the book he writes about a rich nation where people kept falling over a steep cliff injuring themselves badly and sometimes even dying. So, the medical establishment decided to pour all of its riches into world class trauma care like brand new ambulances and an E.R. with the best doctors and machinery to treat these people who kept falling off of the cliff. They would not spare any expense to help these people who were badly injured.

After so many people kept getting hurt, a new group of concerned citizens popped up and asked the government why don’t they just erect a fence? There point was that would prevent anyone from falling off the cliff, and save millions of dollars in health care costs. The authorities and policy makers felt that was just too practical and that people’s health was too important to be left in the hands of some citizen advocacy panel…plus, the medical establishment said with enough money soon they would be able to engineer people that wouldn’t bruise or break bones from a fall of that height!!!

The medical establishment insisted on searching for the “magic bullet” that would save the lives of people falling off the cliff. So, the nation started to spend massive amounts of money on health care…in fact, more than any other nation to help find a cure for cliff falling syndrome. As more and more money went to search for the cure, the nations economy began to suffer and along with it came crime and poverty and various other things.

It wasn’t very long till the nation began to ask questions…wondering if a cure will ever be found for these people that fell off of the cliff…could they invent some drug or replace some genes so the person would recover from the fall. With everyone questioning the decisions of the so called medical authorities, the medical establishment began a campaign which showed pictures of doctors holding little children who were hurt badly by the fall saying “Don’t give up on us now, we are almost there.”

The family members of fallen loved ones started to get fed up and plant caution signs of their own up at the cliff’s edge to make sure everyone was warned so they would not go near the edge, but soon these family members were arrested for trespassing. It wasn’t long before some alternative doctors joined the families and wanted to help out, but the powerful medical association retaliated by calling them the health police.

After all the fighting back and forth the medical experts agreed that they would be the ones in charge for putting up warning signs. They could not leave it up to the families because after all, they were not experts…so, they issued this warning…”Anyone who had already broken both arms and legs should exercise utmost caution when falling.”

Now of course this is a fable, as John Robbins goes on to state, but one that gets the point across…Instead of searching for this or that, or giving a pill for this or that, why not put the money to a logical use like the families thought…erect a fence!!! Most illness comes from our dietary habits, lack of exercise, and stress!!! It is a downward spiral that sooner or later requires a drug to mask the ache, pain, syndrome, itis, or disease…why not erect a fence…i.e. eat better, exercise, reduce our stress, and get adjusted by your chiropractor. Let me be your families health coach. After all, even pro-athletes need a coach, so all of us need a health coach.

Here is my point, we don’t need to find a drug for this or that, we need to educate our doctors and our patients on how to prevent these terrible things in the first place, and when all else has failed use drugs, surgery, and other more invasive manners. It is shown time and time again that symptoms do not appear until the disease is at end stage…that is disease!

Ponder this for a moment…if we take a drug and keep living the same lifestyle, are we any healthier just because we have decreased a number…for example, lowered cholesterol from 220 to 180? If you continue to put high sugary foods and processed foods into your GI tract you are causing another problem that is being masked by the cholesterol number. Diabetics suffer with tryglyceride and cholesterol problems. So you mask the cholesterol issue, but you destroy your pancreas! Now, let me ask you again, are you more healthy because of a pill?

Here is the rib jabber…there is no magic pill! It goes back to taking care of yourself in the first place. Taking your vitamins and supplements and eating a good diet, exercising, and stress reduction. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. Insanity, then is someone not changing their dietary habits and exercise habits after something has proven to be an issue in their blood test. You are headed down the road for a disaster…do you want to wait for this to show up?

Instead of waiting for a disease to pop up…why not try to erect the fence to stop these things, or at least halt their progress. All of this can be done with chiropractic care and proper nutrition. I tell my patients time and time again how organs reflex to the spine to cause sore and stiff muscles! More than 80% of the time this is the case.

The reason this occurs is because the nervous system is interfered with. When it is interfered, it cannot function at its optimum so organs began to show signs of stress. Signs of stress show up on your back and sometimes your ear! Like I said before, this is where you don’t have ABCDitis yet, but allow it to keep progressing and the medical doctor will tell you that you have ABCDitis or ABCD syndrome or ABCD disease! Again, by the time a disease has shown up in a blood test or a picture, it is late in the game! Your body can handle alot of stress before it begins to show signs and symptoms. Health is not merely the absence of symptoms or disease…after all, high blood pressure is called the “silent killer.” There usually are no signs of high blood pressure affecting you symptomatically. It is silent and does its work without you knowing.

This is how at our office we are able to save lives of you and your loved ones. We find the problem before it would ever prevent itself and educate you, the patient, on what needs to be done. We will take care of your “back pain” but we do so much more than that. We upregulate your nervous system so it can heal whatever is stressing the body out. Doesn’t this sound better than taking this drug with this side effect (which is false…because there is no such thing as a side effect…it is a direct effect) or undergoing this surgery for this or that. We need to take control of our health and establish responsibility.

Families who sign up with our office for our wellness program get the big idea! They know prevention will save them thousands in the long run. They know that they want to practice prevention and come in every week to make sure their body is functioning at an optimum level. They want to know what may be going on in their body and what steps they can take to prevent it…after all, money does not mean anything if you don’t have your health…wouldn’t you like to grow to a ripe old age just by having your autonomic nervous system checked every week showing you how awesome your body is doing? We actually have a $500 test that can show you this that is included monthly to show you objective evidence of how healthy you actually are. You can pay for this whenever you want to, but it is included in our wellness package.

I am always floored by people that start chiropractic and don’t continue. They are done once their pain is done…a ticking time bomb. I believe at that point it is my fault because I have failed them as a teacher. I didn’t show them how much value their is to chiropractic and prevention. I don’t get why someone would stop doing something that is helping them and promoting them to be more healthy! Chiropractic has been shown to increase the immune system by over 200%! Wouldn’t you want this for your family and your kids? If I knew that as a parent, I wouldn’t care what the price was because that in itself drives value. I would like to see my kids and family be as healthy as they can be.

What it comes down to is that chiropractic is a lifestyle. It is a lifestyle that consists of people striving for optimal health by controlling their stress levels, eating right, getting their spine checked weekly for nervous system interference, and exercising. As a doctor, this is what I am trying to create…wellness!

If you are ever interested in our private and exclusive wellness program where you get your supplements at wholesale and your HRV test (the $500 test for free), please send me an email or ask me about it at your next visit. I would love to include more families and individuals who are searching for how to be more healthy. It is a minimal cost for what you get…heck, after all, being able to prevent you from having this or that is worth its weight in gold…less sick days and having more fun with your friends and family…priceless!!!

So, lets try to start thinking about erecting a fence instead of waiting to fall off the cliff. Falling off the cliff takes too much recovery time and risks serious consequences, but putting up a fence prevents the fall and promotes a healthy lifestyle.

I will leave it up to everyone to decide, but I know deep down in all of your hearts you are all striving for better health. Why not take me on as your coach and lets get started!

Your health and wellness advocate,

Dr. James R. Haakenson

P.S. Sorry about the length, but I wanted to get my point across that we can improve your back pain, but more importantly find deeper health related problems keeping you from feeling the best you have ever felt in your life…let’s get everyone back to feeling like they are 20 again!!!!

P.S.S. More to come…either this week or next week…as always give me emails of those who may want to get this newsletter sent to them. I will be happy to forward it to any of your other health care providers and family members. If you don’t want these filling up your inbox, please just send me a kind reminder and I will take you off of the list. Thanks for reading and have a great week!


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