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Can emotions cause a heart attack?

Posted by doctorjames on March 6, 2008

I thought all of you would really love to see this video on Dr. Mercola’s website…please view it and see if your thoughts change on functional illness…such as a heart attack!

When will we wake up and realize that stress wears us out. It wears us out in such a particular way that it shows up in your tissues! Constant worry, fear, fright, depression, anxiety, all lock you into an emotional “tailspin” so to speak. What is the answer? Medical world seems to think it comes in a little pill that is toxic to say the least. Medicine is designed to bypass the nervous system to create a physiological change. It does nothing to fix the disease that has been caused by dysfunction, which in this case is the result of emotions not being “owned” or handled…kept in check. If the emotion goes unchanged, it runs us. It runs our entire life. Dr. DeMartini, his website is, is one of the leaders in this revolution. He teaches us how to control our emotions and how a balance has to be met from a quantum physics view.

The problem with an emotion going unchecked is that it actually changes our physiology by disrupting our nervous system. As you may or may not know, or brain runs everything in our body by a connection called the spinal cord and its subsequent nerves. In fact, your nervous system controls your immune system, hence neuroimmunology. Any interference in the transmission of a neural impulse from the brain down through the spinal cord and out to an organ, gland, blood vessel, cell, nook or cranny will affect your health! It is that simple! There are only three things that can cause interference to the neural impulse: physical trauma…such as overuse syndrome, accidents, etc., chemical toxicity…such as chorine, flouride, mercury, hair dye chemicals, preservatives, additives, food dyes, shampoos, lotions…the list goes on and on, and last but not least EMOTIONS! Emotions are the largest disruption to the neural impulse!

When an emotion goes “unchecked” and is allowed to harbor it switches our nervous system in to a hyper state of sympathetic functioning. In order to obtain ultimate wellness, your autonomic nervous system has to stay balanced…no ifs ands or butts! If you are in a state of increased sympathetic activity all the time, that emotion will cause an effect due to the “tone” of the nervous system. The problem is that the patient is constantly in fight or flight…sympathetic activity…instead of rest and digest…parasympathetic activity. A person with this increased tone of their nervous system will first suffer dysfunction, but long held dysfunction turns into disease which is when you finally get symptoms! You are right…too late!!! The disease is upon you know. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to stop this at dysfunction stage? The best part about this is that you can. By studying Dr. DeMartini’s work, Dr. Hamer’s work (, and emotional freedom technique by Gary Craig ( you can overcome the increased tone in your nervous system and solve your long held health problems. Cool…is right!!! This is the new wave of medicine. I suggest that if you have a long standing emotional issue or trauma that you wrap your arms around it today and take care of it. Your health is decreasing everyday due to the ramping over your sympathetic system. And, until you own that emotion and rewrite the event, you will still feel the affects from the cause…the emotion.

As soon as people begin to realize that we only have control over so many things and have to let go of the stuff we cannot control, true healing takes place. I see it time and time again in my office. Get the patient to have a good cry and teach them how to rid themselves of that event in their life that spiked them into increased sympathetic tone, you truly get “spontaneous healing.” But, now you know there is nothing spontaneous about it. Your body is designed to heal itself if it is given the appropriate “program.” Chiropractic, acupuncture, massage, naturopathy, etc…are very good alternatives to help your body regain its health. Remove the obstruction to healing…an emotion, a physical cause, or a chemical toxicity, and the body can do amazing things. Your body is designed to self healing and regulating. The band-aid does not heal the cut, your body does. In fact, you get a new liver every month, and new red blood cells about every 120 days…now, that is cool. Your body is like brand spankin new every year! Think about how much you could change your health in one year by just one simple lifestyle change. Your body will love you for it.

This video is about how emotions cause disease….enjoy, and start your search inside yourself to unlock that emotion that is keeping your from achieving peak wellness. May you enjoy the abundance of health you were designed to enjoy!

Your health and wellness advocate,

Dr. James R. Haakenson


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