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Can Chiropractic Improve Your Child’s Health???

Posted by doctorjames on March 15, 2008

There seems to be a lot of confusion in our world today regarding alternative therapies like chiropractic, acupuncture, herbology/nutrition, and other versions of mind-body medicine. Today, I am going to and demystify chiropractic and hope to give you an understanding of how you can use it to create complete wellness.

In discussing chiropractic, it has nothing to do with “crunching and cracking,” that is simply nitrogen bubbles floating out of a joint. What chiropractic really deals with is the FUNCTION OF THE NERVOUS SYSTEM. The reason I used all caps for that last statement is because chiropractors themselves sometimes don’t even understand this. How do they expect the anybody else to.

Chiropractic is based on function. If the nervous system is functioning at 100% with no interruptions, it will regulate every cell in your body correctly. If the nervous system becomes interrupted by a physical trauma, a chemical trauma, or an emotional trauma, the cause will have its effects!

The nervous system is composed of your brain, spinal cord, and nerves. It is really that simple. They regulate how you breathe, how your heart pumps, how much insulin your pancreas secrets, how much acid your stomach produces, how much bile your gall bladder sends out for digestion, how your thyroid acts, how your body reacts to an “invader” to amount an appropriate immune response, etc. What I am trying to say is that your nervous system controls everything. It controls down to the cellular level how your body is going to respond to a demand. If it is not functioning correctly because their is some “static” in the system, it will not produce a healthy body!

When the nervous system is interfered with through what is called a vertebral subluxation, the body malfunctions. It is as simple as that folks! Now, picture your computer. What happens when your computer malfunctions? Does it run the program correctly? No! You get a message that says “error 723 application 45.” You scratch your head and call the “computer doctor!” He fixes the interference and now your computer runs the program flawlessly. Chiropractic removes the vertebral subluxation in the spine, allowing the body to communicate with every organ, gland, blood vessel, and cell to create health with no interference, static, or error messages.

If there is “static” from a nerve being interfered with as it leaves the bones in your back, it will cause and effect. The effects can be anything! Yes…anything! Why? Because your nerves control every function in your body! So, here it goes…if your nerve is interfered with it causes dysfunction. Now, if that dysfunction is allowed to manifest over time, the dysfunction will turn into dis-ease (lack of ease in the body). Dis-ease will produce symptoms such as pain! It is this simple folks. As soon as the interference is removed from the body, it begins to function the way it should. When function returns, symptoms go away, dis-ease can be erased, and the body can go back to a complete state of wellness.

Your body is a self-healing and regulating organism. It has the ability to produce as much health as possible or adapt to the malfunction. Trust me, it is amazing at adapting to its malfunctioned internal environment. But, your body can only deal with malfunction for so long before you start to feel the effects called dis-ease. Now, I don’t say disease because the medical world actually took this work and unhyphenated it…now it is something to be feared! It actually used to be written this way. It is a lack of ease of one of your internal organs due to stress.

When there is malfunction or dysfunction of a system in the body like a muscle, organ, cell, or gland, we start to feel it. But, at this point you can’t quite put your finger on what it is. You go to the doctor, they check you out, maybe even take some pictures and do some blood work, but find out everything is normal! You think to yourself, how can this be? The reason is it is still at a dysfunction or malfunction state. Only when the malfunction is allowed to become dis-ease will it show up in a test. At that point, it is truly late and it is something you have had coming for a long time, possibly from childhood even! Your body adapts to all of these little malfunctions until finally it can’t “hang” on anymore and has to cause you more signs and symptoms so that you go and take care of the problem!

If you do have dysfunction and/or dis-ease it is due to interference in the nervous system and it can be corrected if found soon enough. No pill, dance, potion, lotion, or voodoo will remove the interference. They will remove your pain and symptoms but you still have underlying dysfunction and/or disease…not a good thing. The dysfunction and the disease can then progress further to produce more symptoms. The next step then is to get another pill to treat the next symptom that was caused by the interference to the nervous system. Why not correct the cause? The “static” in the nervous system!

I did mention above that many of these problems start in childhood, but many more of them actually occur with what is known as birth trauma. If a vertebral subluxation occurs at birth causing dysfunction or malfunction and creates “static” in the system the baby will eventually have symptoms. If this is adjusted and corrected, the baby will then not be held back by this interference. The interference can cause all sorts of things…too many to list, but that is why chiropractors see lots of children. It makes sense if these problems start at birth or in early childhood to get these malfunctions corrected as soon as possible. There are cases of children with degenerative disc disease believe it or not. It is due to a slip, fall, or birth trauma. Now, if this child is allowed to live with this it will affect them as they age. If the interference is in the upper neck they will have headaches, ear aches, and sore throats. If the interference is in the mid to lower neck they will have thyroid problems and arm problems. If it is between the shoulder blades they will have breathing difficulties, asthma, heartburn, bloating, and gas. If it progresses further down the spine they will have blood sugar handling problems and fatigue. Allow this subluxation to progress further and we start to see intestinal problems such as Crohn’s disease, colitis,  diverticulitis, and other gastrointestinal problems. At the very bottom of the spine the subluxation will affect the nerves that go into the legs and to the bladder and reproductive organs. This can be a major cause of infertility and “dribbling” problems in females.

This is why chiropractors are on a mission to help kids! If they are able to adjust them at a young age to remove the interference and allow the nervous system to function without any “static” in the system that produce error messages, the body will function optimally and you will have a healthy child! It is really that simple.

Chiropractors are not back crackers, they are life savers. They restore function back to the nervous system allowing you to live a happy and healthy life. Chiropractors adjust your back, but their main focus is not on pain. The main focus of a chiropractor is on treating the interference in your spine to allow all of your cells, organs, and systems to begin to function normally once again! Wouldn’t that be great…return your body to normal! In essence, it is creating wellness one step at time. Although the journey can be long, you have to start by stepping out to the path. The path maybe 100 miles long, but you have to start with a single step forward to begin to even finish walking the path. You will see some great things along the way, but removing an obstacle to healing with a chiropractic adjustment will go along ways to improve your health.

Remember nerves go to organs, glands, blood vessels, and all the cells of your body. You cannot be well if these nerves cannot get to these places. It is like watering half of your lawn. The one side will begin to brown and die while the other half stays healthy and green. Essentially, this is what takes place in your body. When diseased tissue spills out into the periphery it sends out chemical messages to bacteria to clean it up. You see, the bacteria were not the cause of the sore throat, the are a subsequent reaction! Please read my article the bacteria myth to further understand this.

I want everyone to live with the health they have always imagined and it starts with checking all the children. One child at a time we can save a life!

Your health and wellness advocate,

Dr. James R. Haakenson


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