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Health Suppression Through Dietary Choices…Not a Good Thing!

Posted by doctorjames on July 26, 2008

There seems to be so much confusion in our world today relating to diet. One minute this is good for you, and the next minute it is bad for you! It is frustrating indeed. More often than not if you follow the reference to the study and can get to the bottom of it, the study was done more to promote some “product” or destroy it.

There are miracle books on the market right now promising everything from weight loss this way, to body transformation this way, to beat this disease, and conquer this malady or syndrome…can they all work? I am sure they all have their merit, but lets make this simple!

Everyone is looking for that easy diet to follow that allows you to eat pizza, cheesecake, muffins, sugar ladened foods, preservative filled foods, artificial sweeteners, soft drinks, fruit juices, fast food…basically anything you can find in the middle aisles of your grocery store…foods with a shelf life!

Let us think about this for just one moment. Do you really think we should be eating food that can sit on a shelf for years and still be edible? Don’t you see this as maybe a warning sign? When was the last time you took a vegetable and let it sit in your shelf for a year? That is impossible…well, you could ignore the smell and the bugs I guess…so it is possible, but any normal earthling would not allow this to occur. Fresh fruits, vegetables, and meats are designed to break down. They have all the enzymes, minerals, co-factors, nutrients, and organically based substances to naturally disintegrate!

Shelf life has absolutely nothing to do with your health, and has everything to do with making money from you…the CONSUMER! In fact, if those products were allowed to not go through a transformation process with preservatives, you would not be able to eat that food because it would taste so disgusting. The fact is that most foods contain a little bit of fat, a little bit of protein, and a little bit of carbohydrate. HERE IS THE KICKER, FATS SPOIL AND BECOME RANCID! Fats break down in the presence of air and light and tend to make things spoil. Fats become oxidized because the normal antioxidant, vitamin E becomes depleted. The fat oxidizes and becomes a different molecule. This is why they must remove certain fats and replace them with either sugar or that wonderful new fat…TRANS FAT! Trans fat is like plastic, it does not go bad! It also does tremendous damage to your arteries because the body can not physically process it.

The moral of the story is to stay away from anything that does not go bad in less than a week unless it is canned or frozen. Now lets get this straight, canned or frozen means canned or frozen fruits or vegetables…either blended, made into a paste, sauce, etc…without added sugar and preservatives. I am not giving you the go ahead eat anything that is frozen or canned! What I am talking about is fresh frozen fruits, or vegetables. Remember, freezing holds in the nutrients in a fruit or vegetable because it naturally slows the process of it breaking down. You can thaw your fruits and vegetables and use them however you like to save money and not go to the grocery store so often. Of course the best method is to buy organic, fresh fruits and vegetables that have been recently picked.

To avoid suppressing your health and to make sure you are creating health, you just have to make sure to eat what the caveman ate! If it wasn’t here a 1000 years ago…DON’T EAT IT!!! So, what was here a 1000 years ago…grass fed animals, vegetables, fruit, and herbs…basically anything that could roam the range and anything that could grow from seed. This is absolutely the key to health!

The caveman did not eat tons of grain. He did not make flour, and especially he did not make white flour! He subsisted on a diet based on grass fed animal protein, green leafy vegetables, and fruits. Our body is not designed to eat anything else…period…end of story! Sorry to burst your bubble folks, but this is as simple as it gets.

To create health you need to stay away from foods that cause poor health like sugars, grains, flours, and trans fats. The only way, and I repeat only way, a person should be getting sugar is through vegetables and fruit…end of story! Eating grass fed meat and fruits and vegetables will create health guaranteed! You don’t even need a money back option on this one folks…it is guaranteed by the Creator of the universe!

Any other food you take into your body besides the three I have mentioned…and eggs…will cause some type of inflammatory change in your body! If you have been following the latest trends and research, it points to inflammation being the number one cause of all disease! Now, omega 3’s are great, but if you are taking it because of inflammation and you continue to inflame your body with poor health choices, what good is it doing for you? It is acting like a drug! You are trying to mask a problem because of a chronic condition caused by lack of will power to change! This is my definition of medicine! Treat an effect caused by a poor dietary decision and a sedentary lifestyle. It does absolutely nothing to promote health in your body…in fact, the destruction is ongoing somewhere else! But, this is a subject for my next article…I will hold you in suspense!

Now, I am not saying all medicine is bad, some people absolutely need it to treat this or that…it works! What I am saying is that better dietary choices and better exercise creates health and diminishes the need for drugs and surgery! Now, that is powerful.

The bottom line is this, all things that can spoil in one week if left out on your kitchen counter should not be eaten…period! The only things you are allowed to eat to create health and decrease your chance at increased aging are fruits, vegetables…no grains, and grass fed animal products…meat or eggs. The animal meat or egg that you are eating must have not been in a feed lot and must not have had any chance to eat grain or soy. The animal should have only been allowed to roam the pasture and eat whatever it wants to.

Eating meat from this type of an animal has the perfect ratio of fats we need for our body to create health. Anything other than this creates and inflammatory change in our body and ages us much quicker…not a good thing.

So, now you have it, how to create health the easy and no nonsense way. The only thing preventing you from doing this is lack of knowledge and willpower. I promise you that manipulating your dietary habits back to this way will cost you less money in the end because you will not suffer the degenerative diseases that all the other people do when they eat all the junk! On top of this, fruits and vegetables are readily inexpensive and a garden is even less expensive. If you don’t want to grow your own, their are community sustained gardens you could get involved in to get fresh fruits and vegetables.

I would really encourage you to read two books to back up my claims. The first would be Dr. Mercola’s book called Take Control of Your Health, ( and Dr. Rosedale’s book, The Rosedale diet (

Create your health starting today after reading my article. If you have any questions, please place a comment on the comments section. Otherwise, email me at I wish nothing more but continued health to the choir I speak to, and to others new to this and looking for a change, I hope you will come to understand what this amazing transformation can do for your health, vitality, and your mind!


2 Responses to “Health Suppression Through Dietary Choices…Not a Good Thing!”

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  2. goodfriendsam said

    I’m a little late, but this is a great article.. Keep up the good work

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