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Rats in a Dump…

Posted by doctorjames on February 15, 2008

My mentor, Dr. Fred Barge, lectured at our school about “Rats in a Dump.” He was one of the most well respected chiropractors in our field. When he lectured, no one wanted to miss because he was so intense, and kept you listening for more. His lectures were great, but probably the best one I ever heard was his famous lecture called “Rats in a Dump.” I will get to that, but first I have to give you some background…Here it goes…

How many people do you know who use antibiotic everything? Antibiotics for a child’s little sniffles, antibiotic soap, triclosan (an antibiotic) in toothpaste, cleaners with antibiotics in them, and on and on??? I am sure almost all of you can name a friend or family member that uses this…JUNK…for lack of a better term…pardon me…

I know by now you have all heard about the devastating affects this is going to have on the future of health care. We are already beginning to see this with people coming down with what is called MRSA… Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus…This is a bacteria that is resistant to most broad spectrum antibiotics and can even be fatal…Scary indeed, but what if I tell you that you are carrying this on your skin right now as we speak! One third of the population has this as part of their normal flora. Normal flora are “bugs” on our skin that live a symbiotic relationship with us, meaning they help us and our immune system!

How can this be? You have a “bug” on your skin right now that can be fatal…yes indeed, but if you are not immunocompromised…chronically ill…you can keep this “bug” as your friend. It actually helps you to ward off other so called “creatures.”

Here in lies the problem. We have a generation of people I like to call “GERMOPHOBES.” They have somehow come to believe that “bugs” are bad and we must wage war against them and kill all of them! WRONG, my friends. This is a war we could never win, and for that matter, don’t want to win!

When we talk about small scale organisms like bacteria, we are talking about short lifespans in general. When lifespans are so short, we see a phenomenon occur called adaptation. These bugs actually will change their DNA…yes folks, DNA is not a static entity and can be changed…(I will get to that topic later since most of you have not heard the truth on that either) It is dynamic and constantly changing according to the environment the organism is in. When these “bugs” adapt, the chemical that used to kill them is now there FOOD!!! It no longer kills them, it keeps them healthy!!! They learn how to digest it, and thrive on it…SCARY, HUH!!!

Here is a perfect scenario…one of your friends or family members is a “GERMOPHOBE.” They put their kids on antibiotics for this or that, they keep there house sparkling clean with every antibiotic cleaner that is made, they use antibiotic soap for handwash and for showering…not to mention they make their kids wash their hands (which in clinical studies has shown that friction, or the rubbing the hands together, is what really gets hands clean…it is nothing, and I mean nothing to do with the soap…soap is just a surfactant to make water more wet…so your hands glide better during rubbing!) to the point of OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder). Guess what, I know you are thinking they are so knowledgeable, and what a healthy family…WRONG!!! They are destroying their health day by day.

These are the kids and families that are always sick and have health issues. When you take antibiotics (one time is not going to usually cause a problem) they kill everything! Yes, it is true that some are specific for different areas, but that doesn’t mean that same bug does not reside elsewhere. When you kill these normal flora, especially in the digestive tract, it leads to all kinds of problems such as food allergies, intestinal inflammation (any itis you want to call it), diarrhea, eczema, psoriasis, asthma, and decreased immunity! Sounds like something you want to be giving your kid…doesn’t it? But it tastes like bubble gum, and kids don’t mind taking it…That is fine if you know that they are always going to struggle with the above problems and will end up paying for it later in life.

The truth is, the kids who are allowed to have more of a “dirty” environment…notice, I did not say unsanitary environment, are shown to have a better immune system! Seems kind of weird, but think about it. Just like our muscles need exercise to grow, our immune system needs to have exercise to build up our immunity! What a simple concept! Antibiotics are reserved for times when natural therapies don’t work! It is the last resort. Now days, we are using them as the first line of defense…that is the problem…overuse!

I know you have been waiting for it, so here is the story about the “Rats in the Dump” that you can share with your friends and family and improve your health today. Everyone knows that if you have rats in a dump that you can poison off the rats with some type of chemical and kill off all of the rats. What a tremendous idea…no more rats in the dump…but wait, a couple weeks or months go by and you see one more rat! You think, how can this be? You put more poison out, and don’t see any rats again for a few more weeks or months. This goes on for awhile, until one day you see that you have had that same poison out day after day, but you keep finding more rats…running around…almost playful. You again think to yourself, I just witnessed the eating the poison, they will be dead later today or tomorrow, it just hasn’t kicked in yet…or will they be? Days and weeks go by, more poison is put into the dump for the rats, and pretty soon you see rats everywhere…they have learned how to eat the poison and use it as food…their body has adapted! UH OH…is right! Now, what do you do…of course, you go by a new chemical to kill them all off again, and you are right, it does work…but only for awhile, and the cycle starts over again until you have “SUPER RATS,” ones you cannot kill with anything!

What do you do with the “SUPER RATS?” Nothing kills them. The only way to get rid of the rats is to get rid of the dump. If you don’t clean up the dump…YOU WILL ALWAYS HAVE RATS!

Now, relate that back to antibiotics, and this is what you see happening. It is not the organism we need to kill, it is the dump we need to get rid of. No, I am not speaking of cutting this or that out, but I am speaking of keeping our bodies organ systems functioning at an optimum level so it does not become a dump. It is called taking care of yourself and using a “coach” to help you weave through all of this.

It is no wonder that they find Strep when you have a sore throat…this is where they live! They only become a “problem” when the throat is full of dead tissue…like a dump…the bacteria do not cause the infection, they are like the rats, they come to help clean up the debris! Suppress this mechanism with an antibiotic and you are sure to have another event a few months down the road…kids with ear infections that are chronic, sore throats, runny noses, etc.

Why does it keep coming back? Because you have done nothing to improve the health of that organ or piece of tissue. If you were to make sure the organ has the proper nerve supply, aka…getting adjusted to remove the nerve interference to the organ, and supplying your body with the nutrients it needs, then you would not have this problem.

This is why kids are under chiropractic care. If they have a “pinched” nerve, it usually does not cause them pain, it only causes them organic issues like a sore throat, ear infections, digestive troubles, gastric reflux, skin problems, etc. Yet, we are afraid to take our loved ones to a chiropractor? Now, you no longer have an excuse not to get your kids checked for “pinched” nerves or the technical term subluxation. If your child has a subluxation, he/she will suffer an event linked to it. Then, of course, the bacteria will come in, clean up the dead tissue and the child will spike a fever and complain about this ache or that. The child is then rushed off to the pediatrician or the E.R. to be given more of those “great” antibiotics! The cycle starts again.

So, the next time you are faced with the antibiotic dilemma, I hope you can inform someone of we are using these in the wrong way. Antibiotics are truly a scientific feat and have saved millions and millions of lives, but that is what they were intended to do. They need to be reserved only for people who are extremely sick. They are incredibly effective, but are just used too much. You can’t give an antibiotic for a viral condition. It does not work. Viruses are proteins that are not “alive” so to speak. Bacteria are “bugs” and can be killed.

I hope you have begun to understand the “Rats in the Dump” concept. I know Dr. Barge would be so happy to hear that his story still lives on!

Now the ball is in your hands. Will you be proactive and get yourself and your kids off of all the antibiotic junk and reserve it for times when you really need it? Or, will you wait by the wayside and let your loved ones stand a greater risk for chronic infections, allergies, and asthma? It is your choice…I would be glad to help your child or family member if they have a chronic issue, or you for that matter! Chances are if a chronic problem exists there is a “pinched” nerve (a subluxation), and possibly an allergy to something in the diet that is subclinical. If either of these exist, I can help! This is what our clinic is all about.

Pass this on, and lets get the world of sick care turned into wellness care!

Your health and wellness advocate,

Dr. James R. Haakenson


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