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The Dangers of Excessive Vaccinations

Posted by doctorjames on April 1, 2008

This is an article written by Dr. Russell Blaylock M.D. about the dangers of excessive vaccination. If you have any questions about vaccinating your loved ones, please read this and be informed. Just click on the link below and it will direct you to the article.

I hope you enjoy!


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Russian Roulette Anyone???

Posted by doctorjames on February 14, 2008

Today, I am going to write on a very controversial subject and one that you should begin reading this by clearing your mind and starting with a clean slate….remove all…and I said all…preconceived notions….if, you read this with an educated brain focusing on what you have learned from a lifetime of innacurrate information, then don’t attempt to read this one…but, if you are willing to open up and think about this deeply for yourself and do your own research…meaning, don’t just believe what the news says or some health care practitioner…really take time to understand my message, and if you really want your own personal truth, you have to search for it on your own…yes, it takes time and due diligence, but if it saved your child’s life….WOULD IT MATTER HOW MUCH TIME IT WOULD TAKE TO GET TO THE BOTTOM OF THIS ISSUE…VACCINES…or what I like to call it…Russian Roulette…

I am going to make this article as short as I can, but it takes some length to teach you and to get my point across. I am only going to offer my opinion…again, this is my opinion and you can take it or leave it, but if you do read this, it will be always in the back of your mind…if it bugs you enough, you will become interested and will pour through articles to form your very own opinion…never except someones word for it…research it, and feel comfortable with your decision in you heart, and not someone elses!

I know most of you have heard the debate on vaccines and autism…I will get to that, but first, lets just cover simple immunity and what it is. When we get sick, the organism that has made us sick has passed through certain barriers like the mouth or nose for example. It is at this point in time that your body starts an immune response to this foreign invader. This is called active immunity.

Active immunity is so important because it is with you for life. You create antibodies to that certain organism or being, and now your body is able to recognize it and stop it in its tracks before it can get you sick the next time…basically, you unmask it and make it recognizable every time it even tries to cross our “border,” if you will.

Now, on the opposite end of creating immunity, we have artificial immunity, or what is called passive immunity. Passive immunity is what we get in the form of a vaccine. It is not lifelong, and that is the reason why kids who do get vaccinated still have a risk of getting the whooping cough, mumps, measles, etc. I am always floored by parents and school officials about their worries about unvaccinated children attending their schools. If vaccines really worked, do parents or school officials have anything to worry about. After all, their kid is vaccinated…nothing to worry about…right? Here is the tricky part, If their titer is not high enough, hence the reason for gettting multiple shots throughout a young infant and childs life, they will come down with the illness when it is present. So, do vaccines really offer that much protection?

The reason it is passive immunity is because it has not passed through the barriers that a normal invader would. It goes straight into a muscle via a shot. We bypass every known way for our body to recognize this invader! So, what happens? Your child gets sick usually within 24 hours of this shot or sooner. Why…because the body is being attacked rather visciously. An invader has snuck into the body without being recognized. As soon as the body recognizes it, it has to unleash all of its weapons to recognize and destroy it. Then, it has to ultimately create an antibody to it! Your child doesn’t necessarily get sick from the foreign protein in the vaccine, instead it is the bypassing of a normal body response that scares the body into action…basically creating a hyperactive immune response, allowing your child to not feel good or spike a fever.

Now, when your body has fired all of its weapons, it does get worn out. Now, not only does your child not feel good, but he could come down with flu like symptoms, the common cold, or some other illness just because he has amounted such a huge immune response that the body was not able to recover in time to deal with whatever may have been on the verge of starting.

So, now that you know about immunity, at least a little bit, lets get into why their is such a controversy on vacciens. After all, the science of vaccines is something I agree with…but it is just the science behind it that I agree with. I agree that if you are going into a foreign country and you don’t want Dengue Fever, that you should get a vaccine, or if you live in unsanitary conditions, you should get a vaccine, but that is the farthest I go.

The reason I do not agree with vaccination is not the immunity portion of it, it is the preservatives in it and the schedule of them giving the vaccines. Now, understand that someone can tell you till their blue in the face that vaccines don’t cause any adverse affects like autism, but please, please tell me then why rates of autism are increasing to 1 in every 150 kids in some places? WHY, WHY, WHY??? They, (the medical world) blame it on better diagnostic criteria! Do I believe switching the criteria helped to increase the rates? Yes…but would that change in criteria spike the rates that much? I will not except that for one minute…I don’t care how many Ph.D’s the person has, this is one of common sense, not of research. I am not willing to settle for “better diagnostic criteria” as the cause of ALL of these cases of autism and other related conditions.

When you hear parents telling stories of their kids being vaccinated and spiking a high fever with a cry they have never heard before in the middle of the night…and the next morning, their kids eyes are not the same anymore…they cannot focus on you anymore and they are lethargic…and someone with eight Ph.D’s is going to tell me that this was unrelated to vaccination because they have studied this…FOLKS…this is not COINCIDENCE! The emphasis is mine!

I named this email Russian Roulette because if you don’t get the facts for yourself, then I honestly believe that is what you are playing. You could lose your child forever without doing some research. You could save yourself a ton of medical bills and therapy services over a lifetime, and not to mention the emotional turmoil. Isn’t that in itsefl worth it to you?

Now, this is extreme, but to get people to think about this, sometimes this is what we need…We need to scare you a little bit to keep that plum pit feeling in your throat and get your stomach to turn a bit…this is what drives people to want to know more about this subject. So, I make this statement…are you willing to put a gun to your childs head if it has a spinning chamber in it with 100,000 chambers and only 1 bullet. Your odds are pretty slim you won’t hurt your child…heck, the odds are more likely to be struck by lightning! But, are you willing to take that CHANCE? I am not.

A more safer way to do this is to make sure to limit thimerosol in the vaccines…which is a mercury derivative, and aluminum…which is a heavy metal, and other additives and preservatives. Both can cause neurologic damage in infants and young children. Aluminum has yet to be studied completely, but, again, are you willing to take that chance?

The safe way to do this is to break all the shots up. DO NOT, and I repeat…DO NOT follow the DR.’s schedule unless you have done your reaserch and feel very comfortable with your decision. Most all the vaccines that a child gets, if he even gets the illness, will not be life threatening. So, split up the vaccinations to three shots of MMR and DPT and not all in one. You can do this but no one ever asks. They ASSUME…(and all of us know where that leads to), that they have to get these shots in one huge cocktail. This is not the case! Your doctor will tell you how safe they are and will get mad at you for asking about splitting them up and will get mad about you not following his schedule…, heck, he may even kick you out as one of his patients. If, he or she does, that was not the right DOCTOR for you anyway!!! The truth is most of a pediatrics practice money comes from vaccinations. If you take vaccines away from a pediatric practice, you take away 100’s of thousands of dollars in business income. The money means more to them than your child. That is not good!

So, don’t have any fear to stand up to your doctor and ask him what he or she thinks. Do not collapse under pressure when they try to tell you how bad of a mom or dad you are because of this or that…if they do that, again, they are ignorant, and they don’t even know what they don’t even know. Leave that doctor and find someone who is willing to take the time and understand you and your families beliefs and will provide you with information you want. Remember, doctor means teacher. If they do not take the time to educate you in an unbiased manner, that should be your sign to leave. The truth of the matter is most doctors have not even read a book since they graduated med shool. Make sure they have a personal library and are keeping up on all the new topics that keep popping up in society.

I do believe you can raise your children without any vaccinations. I will not press people or look at them funny if they do vaccinate their children as long as that parent was informed and knew that decision was right for them. It has nothing to do with me, your doctor, or even other family members…as Eleanor Roosevelt so correctly stated this…she said, “Do what you feel in your heart to be right – for you will be criticized anyway. You’ll be damned if you do, and damned if you don’t”

Please, take a moment to think what I have said. I hope I did rile some feathers in writing this. My whole goal was to excite a flame under your rear to take this topic up for yourself and listen to your gut and your heart. If your gut ever speaks up or your heart, you know something is not right…even if you don’t have the research to back it! If you have that feeling, the research will come to you because you will search for it, or someone will hand it to you because you put the thought out their. Do not do anything with medical care if you feel uncomfortable…that energy is more important that your conscious mind…it knows…listen to it…it has an amazing intelligence.

At some other point in time I could give you some of my research if you need data, but sometimes data can be construed. I think understanding the big idea behind artificial immunity, preservatives, and vaccination schedules is more important than all the data that exists. After all, you can’t sample a whole nation with a study. People will respond differently to different chemicals. That is why drugs get taken off the market. Stage 4 of a clinical trial is a trial on the masses! Get it…it is still a trial even though the drug or chemical is approved.

What I think needs to happen is that if vaccines are going to exist, they should be chemical free and either taste or smelled to get you the immunity…then take a titer to see how the body is doing. This makes a ton more sense…no shots and the invader passes through your natural barriers! You may have to do this 10 or 20 times to get an appropriate titer, but it is much safer…AND THAT IS WHAT COUNTS! This is why some moms choose to have chicken pox parties. If we keep giving shots for chicken pox, we are going to start a whole generation attacked by shingles later in life…now, we definitely do not want that. The flu shot is a whole nother topic, but I do agree with getting the flu shot if you are immunocompromised in any way. So for some elderly it is appropriate, but others would be perfectly fine without it. DON’T LET THE MEDIA FOOL YOU…this can be a huge money maker for drug companies!!!

We have to get back to doctoring and not worrying about the money. This is the state of our drug companies. They are stealing our doctors away…basically causing them to not think for themself or think on their feet. The drug companies push, and the doctors prescribe. Now, if we are really practicing medicine, and doctors are supposed to be doctoring…why do they need someone coming in to sell them on a product to prescribe to their patients? They don’t, they should know what to prescribe without these agents coming to their office. They should be well read and up on the research…Don’t get me wrong, most doctors are are brilliant, they just need to think for themselves and study more…read, read, read…, be open, and don’t take a vow of ignorance. I do it everyday and learn something new everyday.

Do your research…

Your health and wellness advocate,

Dr. James R. Haakenson

P.S. If you ever need information, I do have a few books I can loan out to you…also, search Dr. Mercola’s website at by typing in vaccination. He has a whole slew of articles…this will start you on your mission…also, check out this video by using the following link…

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